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Once you and your doctor decide that Acthar is the right treatment for your child, Mallinckrodt, the distributor of Acthar, provides an assistance program to help make sure that you have access to the treatment. Support specialists from the Acthar Support & Access Program (A.S.A.P.) help get insurance approvals, find payment assistance, and coordinate injection training, all at no cost to you.

How A.S.A.P. helps

When your doctor prescribes Acthar for your child, A.S.A.P. jumps into action

Your doctor sends the prescription to A.S.A.P. He or she will let you know when this is done.
You'll receive a phone call from A.S.A.P. to discuss insurance, coverage, affordability of co-pays, injection training, and what to expect from the process. It's vital for you to provide your contact information and alternate contact information (the number to the hospital room or another loved one) so you can be easily reached when the process moves forward.
Once the Acthar prescription is approved by your insurer, you'll receive a phone call from the specialty pharmacy to schedule delivery of Acthar. Delivery must be confirmed to ensure you receive the prescription in a timely manner, so if you miss the call, promptly call 1-888-435-2284.
A starter kit will arrive to your home, including a brochure with information on infantile spasms and Acthar, an injection guide, a treatment tracker mat to track injections, and a patient stories web key.
  • If you need training or would like additional training on injecting Acthar, a nurse can come to your home to help you learn how to inject Acthar. There is no charge for this service
Acthar is shipped to the address you request, usually your home, physician's office, the hospital, or some retail pharmacies. Your prescription will arrive in a refrigerated container and a signature is required for delivery. Begin your child's treatment according to your doctor's prescribed directions.

Let your A.S.A.P. representative know if you need additional support.

Financial assistance for eligible patients

A large majority of children with infantile spasms have Acthar covered by their insurance plan. If a prior authorization is required, A.S.A.P. provides information and assistance to help you navigate the process. In addition, A.S.A.P. may refer you to 1 of 2 programs to help you afford Acthar.

Commercial Co-pay Assistance Program

  • Up to 100% co-pay costs covered for eligible patients
  • A.S.A.P. will refer you to charitable organizations if your child is eligible for the program
  • Patients must meet certain eligibility criteria

Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

Administered by a third party, PAP makes Acthar available at no cost if your family is in financial need and your child meets certain eligibility criteria. PAP assistance is limited to patients who are uninsured or whose insurer does not cover Acthar.

Helpful Resources

Step-by-step injection guide

Download this informative injection guide to keep handy during your child's injections.

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