Managing your child's treatment

Acthar Gel is given as an intramuscular (into a muscle) injection. Once you have learned to give Acthar Gel and your child has begun infantile spasms (IS) treatment with Acthar Gel, you will continue to work closely with your doctor to monitor your baby’s progress. These treatment resources may help you.

In addition to ensuring that you are trained to give Acthar Gel to your child, your doctor will typically conduct ongoing monitoring and exams to be sure the treatment is working and to detect other conditions that may coexist with IS. Maintaining your engagement in the process will help you continue to advocate for your baby now and into the future.

Helpful Resources

How Acthar Gel may help

Acthar Gel has been proven to stop spasms and hypsarrhythmia in children with IS.

Step-by-step injection guide

Download this informative injection guide to keep handy during your child’s injections.

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Acthar Hub

See the many ways the Acthar Hub can help you get Acthar Gel for your child with IS.