How Acthar may help

A proven treatment for infantile spasms

Acthar is an FDA-approved medication for infantile spasms (IS) that contains ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone), a naturally occurring hormone, which has been proven to stop spasms and hypsarrhythmia in children with IS.

Acthar is a medication that works with your child's body to help it produce its own natural steroids. Your doctor will monitor your child closely during Acthar treatment, so it's important to keep any appointments that are scheduled. You'll need to inject your child with Acthar exactly as your doctor prescribes. Never inject Acthar into a vein. Never stop Acthar treatment suddenly unless your doctor tells you to.

Acthar has a safety profile that has been demonstrated over many years of use. There are side effects you need to be aware of. Acthar has effects on the adrenal gland. When an infant is taking Acthar, his or her adrenal gland may produce too much of a hormone called cortisol. This can cause symptoms of Cushing's syndrome (upper body fat, rounded face, thin skin), which is more common in patients who take this medicine for a long time. When a patient stops taking Acthar after a long time, the body may not produce enough cortisol on its own (adrenal insufficiency). The doctor may prescribe a steroid medicine to protect the body until the adrenal gland recovers. Tell your doctor right away if your child experiences weight loss, feels weak or tired, has stomach pain, or develops a fever. Do not stop administering Acthar without talking to your doctor first.

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